We are currently involved in a variety of both commercial and industrial projects. 



BC Hydro Powersmart and Fortis BC Consulting Services 

Since 2012, It's On Electric has been providing consulting measurement and verification services to the BC Hydro Powersmart engineering department, and Fortis BC for both Commercial and Residential Power Smart upgrade projects.  Projects include evaluating lighting upgrades, insulation, ventilation, heat pump, and hot water tank upgrades.  Additionally we provide blower door testing services as required.



BC Hydro Direct Install Lighting Service and Maintenance Project for Non-Profit Housing

We were involved in a service project for BC Hydro where we have been given a list of non-profit/low income multi-residential housing apartment buildings. We schedule an assessment of the facilities on the list, and service their lighting system first bringing it up to code, and then installing various energy efficient lighting technologies and controls to replace their older inefficient lighting systems. This service project also has an additional component, as we are required to enter each of the tenant's suites and install various energy efficient components.

Electrical Service and Maintenance for Office Depot

We have an Electrical Service and Maintenance contract to service all of the Office Depot Lower Mainland locations. Work includes troubleshooting, lighting service, small electrical projects, and addition of plugs, data lines, and phone lines. Preventative maintenance is also performed through scheduled infrared scanning of electrical panels.

BC Hydro Commercial Direct Install Lighting Service and Maintenance Project

We were involved in a service project for BC Hydro where we go into businesses selected by BC Hydro and service their lighting systems by replacing their older lighting with energy efficient lighting technologies. Given a list of eligible facilities by BC Hydro, we contacted them, scheduled an energy audit of their facility, and then completed a design proposal for a new energy efficient system. We then provided the customer with our proposal and scheduled the installation. We serviced their entire lighting system, bringing it up to code if required prior to installation of the new energy efficient lighting. We saw each project through, from the energy assessment to the design phase and installation to the clean up and customer follow-up stage. Over 550 of these lighting service and maintenance projects were completed for BC Hydro. The facilities serviced include restaurants and pubs, retail stores, non-profit organizations, churches, community centers, shopping malls, medical clinics (doctors, dentists, natural health), veterinarians, florists, auto body and repair shops, Laundromats, office buildings, gyms, hair salons and spas, tanning salons, marinas, kennels, stables, grocery and convenience stores.

Restaurant and Retail Electrical Service and Maintenance

Electrical service and maintenance is provided to various restaurants and retail locations including but not limited to:

  • Wings Restaurant
  • Nuba Restaurant Group 
  • Pantry Restaurant
  • ABC Restaurant 
  • Coachs
  • Aldo 
  • L’Occitane 
  • Rowan Sky 
  • Essential Mortgage Center
  • Bed and Bath
  • La Senza
  • Call It Spring
  • Mexx
  • Victoria Secret