It's On Electric Company has been working with BC Hydro Power Smart and Fortis BC to conduct field site inspections for both the Commercial and Residential sectors since 2012.  Working as part of the Measurement and Verification engineering team, we have successfully inspected over 4000 commercial businesses and homes. 

Commercial Business Energy Savings Incentive Site Inspections

In order for BC Hydro to verify the electricity savings from the Business Energy Savings Incentive (formally Power Smart Express or PSPX), project may be randomly selected for a site inspection before pre-approval or after the equipment is installed.

It's On Electric has been selected as the contractor of choice to conduct inspections.  Our employess follow BC Hydro core values and protocol.  You can identify a Company employee by his or her uniform, and BC Hydro contractor photo ID.

If your application has been selected for a pre-site inspection, It's On Electric will contact you to arrange a site visit within a couple business days.

If your application has been selected for a post-site isnpection, It's On Electric will contact you to schedule an inspection after your invoices have been received and approved by BC Hydro.

It's On Electric will inspect your site based on the details provided in your applicaiton.  Make sure your project details are accurate according to your application (pre-site inspection) or declaration (post-site inspection).

During the inspection, you may want to have your Power Smart Alliance contractor or distributor available to help guide the inspector through your site. 

If you have been contacted in regards to either a Pre or Post Site Inspection, and wish to schedule your appointment, please contact Charlotte Douglas at 604-538-2373.

If you have questions in regards to the results of your recent Pre or Post Site Inspection, please contact the BC Hydro Helpdesk at 604-522-4713.