Solar Power

Are you a forward-thinking "green" home or business owner?  Have you ever wondered about alternate energy sources for your facility, specifically Solar Power? 

It's On Electric can help you to reduce your hydro electrical consumption and provide you with a back up electrical system in case of a power outage, using solar panels.

The pricing of solar panels has greatly reduced over the last few years, and the payback period has also declined as a result.  Now, solar panel systems are becoming more common throughout the Lower Mainland, in some cases generating an annual average of 50% of a home's energy consumption.

What we do?

1) Determine if you are a good candidate for a solar panel system.

2) Provide you with a detailed installation plan, and quotation.

3) Installation of the panels, connection to the BC Hydro grid (if requested)

4) Optional Service Plan for continous cleaning and maintenance of the panels.



BC Hydro currently has a program offering whereby if you generate more electricity from your solar panel system than you consume, you will receive a credit to your account that is applied towards your future consumption.  Being very familiar with all BC Hydro programs and paperwork requirements, we will handle the entire application process for you, so that it is smooth and painless. 

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